Appdynamics Virtual Cookery Class

GEM had the pleasure of organizing something a little different this time for a long standing client, “A Virtual Cookery Class”.

This workshop was organised for 20 important clients giving them the opportunity to prepare a 2 course meal for themselves and their partner.

This was hosted by top Corporate Executive Chef, Hadi Saroufim.

The event was organized a few months in advance so that GEM could put together a bespoke menu tailored to their attendees tastes and preferences.

The client also requested to have branded boxes, aprons and chefs hats to be sent to each client.

The boxes were packed with fresh produce the day of the event and sent directly to each client’s home in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We made sure to brand the virtual set, from the branded window board, the chef’s hat and on Hadi’s apron whilst taking the class.

Then GEM organized for the virtual cookery class to take place in the kitchen of the Top Chef premises and the event was streamed live across the Cisco Webex platform, so all guests could be actively involved in the cookery class.

The event was a resounding success with client’s learning to cook a 2 course meal, vegetarian options included, and at the same time, engage with the chef and other participants to make it a more social and fun evening.

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